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"Put the ball where it is hard for your opponent, rather than where it is easy for you"

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If you are aged 8 and 18 why not come down to our junior coaching sessions at Gosling Sports Park. Our sessions are for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. You will meet other players, train and play. Click here to find out more..


Depending on ability these are the key factors that I concentrate on
  • Phase 1

    1. Technique

    Right from the basics (racket grip, watching the ball, racket position) through movement, swing, approach to ball and returning to the 'T'.

  • Phase 2

    2. Court fitness and agility

    Raising your level of court fitness is of paramount importance if you are to improve your game. The better you get, the longer rallies last, and the fitter you need to be. Within each session you will be doing excercises and routines to improve your fitness and stamina.

  • Phase 3

    3. Perfecting shots

    Playing an effective lob, a killer volley or a tight drop takes practice. I create bespoke routines to hone these and other shots in game-like situations.

  • Phase 4

    4. Returning the difficult shots

    There are some shots that everyone finds difficult to deal with, like the ball tight in the back corner, the cross-court pushing you around the back wall or the unexpected boast. I work on these with you and show you that with the right approach you can deal with almost anything.

  • Phase 5


    Where and when you play the ball is what wins (or loses) games. I will work with you on where to play the ball, delaying your shot, slowing down or speeding the game up



Two of the best ever British players in an epic battle - enjoy!

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